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My advice:

Don’t Join the Empower Network

At first, Empower Network seemed so enticing. Moms quitting their jobs to stay home with their kids. Making thousands in days or months. It’s only $25, why not give it a try?

I’ll tell you why. For $25 per month, you get a website.

If you want to sell the Empower Network so you can quit your job and make lots of money, that will cost you another $20 a month.

Don’t know what to do? Get access to a library of talks with all the big hitters…for only $100 per month.

Guess what? That library is full of inspiration and mindset. No real  training. Well, one podcast had about 2 minutes of training, but it was all about spending money to buy key words. So

Don’t Join Empower Network

When I asked my recruiter how to do things, like get traffic, target keywords, you know…blogging basics, she recommended other programs. The main one was $1000. It was a one time fee AND once you pay you can sell it.


After 54 blog posts, lots of money and hours and hours of time, I was losing money every day.

Don’t Join Empower Network

I did every single thing they said to do. I blogged daily for 30 days. I made videos. I notified every single service imaginable. Yep, I joined some service to do that for me, as recommended by recruiter. Oh wait. It wasn’t my recruiter. She wouldn’t give me any advice. I had to search through other Empower Network blogs to see what to do.

The advice: Spend More Money

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My Advice:

Don’t Join Empower Network

When I questioned this, I was told I just didn’t have the right mindset. The $1000 program would change all that. I just had to believe.

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I finally realized it was never gonna happen. Even if I forked out money for every single program and service, I wasn’t going to make money.

I hate to tell you, but the Empower Network isn’t going to work for you. It didn’t work for me. Maybe you can “believe” more than I did, but I have to tell you:

Don’t Join Empower Network